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News release: Juniper Manor opening day (華人廉租住宅松柏樓正式開幕)

One January 15, 2009 Juniper Manor was officially opened in Saskatoon. This three storey residential building is the first affordable housing project undertaken by Juniper Housing Corp., a Chinese community based organization. From conception to development, to construction, Juniper Manor took four years to complete. However, the seed for development was planted about 45 years ago by early pioneers. 

沙市第一座以服務華裔為主的松柏樓於2009115日正式開幕。這座三層高的新建大樓是配合政府的廉租住宅計劃,由以服務社區為主的非營利組織松柏樓住宅公司(Juniper Housing Corp.) 籌建。松柏樓歷經四年努力籌備始興建而成,不過,早在45年前,松柏樓的構想已在老華僑社團中成形,礙於經費遲遲無法達成心願。

President of the JHC board, Abraham Yuen said:  “…What we are doing, is beyond just shelter. We’re building a community of support and care, helping the seniors adjusting to their golden stage of their lives and providing new immigrants a supportive environment to better integrate into our larger society.”This innovative building has a variety of affordable housing options and added benefit of cultural connection to the community.

松柏樓董事會會長提到:松柏樓不僅是座提供安全的住所,我們成立的目標是希望形成一個互助的社區,以協肋老年人安享晚年主,並同時提供甫入境新移民暫時住所,以期幫助他們早日溶入新環境。 這所以廉租、殷勤服務為本的大樓提供華裔各种社區文化訊息。

Juniper Manor represents a success story of government, industry, and community working together in meeting the affordable housing needs of our seniors and new comers.  Over one hundred of guests anticipate the opening ceremony. The guest list indicates the variety of supporters from different sectors in Saskatchewan.


From the platform guests, Minster of Social service Hon. Dona Harpauer; City councillor Pat Lorje; executives of North Ridge Development corp. and ADOPT. Special guests from government: Former premier and NDP party leader Lorne Calvert, MLA David Forbes, MPs, Leader of major funders: Saskatchewan housing corp. and City of Saskatoon. Other supporting government agencies sending representatives include Service Canada, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., Housing Development, Affordable Housing. Supporters from many community organization, businesses and individuals:such as Saskatoon community foundation, Community First Development Fund, Affinity credit union, Saskatoon Chinese ladies association, Saskatchewan Chinese cultural wellness society, The Avalokitesvara Buddhist temple society, Saskatoon heritage nevolent association, Saskatchewan Mack’s brotherhood association. Chinese dance school of Saskatchewan (Saskatoonbranch), Riversdale neighbourhood association and Riversdale business improvement office.  


Juniper Manor is a remarkable achievement for a newly established community based organization.                                                                                                                        

Juniper Manor Management (松柏樓管理部門)

Ribbon cutting ceremony---From left to right: President of Juniper Housing Corp. Abraham Yuen; ADOPT architect, Charles Olfert;  Minister of Social Serviecs, Hon. Dona Harpauer; City councillor Pat Lorje; North Ridge Development corp., Doug Durant


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