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QUESTIONS and ANSWERS (有关松柏楼问题解答)

1) Where is the location of the building? (

The project will locate at the corner of Avenue F South and 19 th Street, Saskatoon. SK.

它将位于沙城 F 南街与 19 街的街角。

2) How many units are there in this building? (

The project consists of 19 studio units and 24 one-bedroom units. Ten of the studio units are designated as assisted units where meals and light house keeping services are available. There will be some units provided for needy new immigrants.

为了得到政府最大的资助,我们计划建 19个厅连睡房单元和 24个一睡房单元。最终的单元格局视投标情况可能有所变动。

3) When will the actual building starts building? (松柏楼的建造将于何时开始?)

Construction is expected to start in the spring of 2007.

在建楼经费到位及其它资金落实的条件下,预计将于 2007年春季开始建设。

4) What is the cost of the project? (

We use a design-built proposal call procurement approach to establish an estimate for the building of this project. Based on $120 per sq. ft. building costs, the total project cost would be $4.7 million. The lowest bid price for the construction of the building falls within the range.

根据沙省住房管理委员会以每平方英尺 120加元的评估来计算,预计将为 4,7000,000加元。

5) What is the amount of the grant? (

Based on the approved commitments for the housing project, Government funding would amount to $3.2 million.

政府的资助共计为 3. 224,000 加元。

6) Can we restrict to provide only for our Chinese community? (我们可以只提供单元给中国社团吗?)

Preference will be given to applicants who share similar cultural background. Human Right Exemption has been granted to housing projects of this type elsewhere in Canada. There are projects from coast to coast providing shelter accommodation to specific type of clientele of ethnic origin for social and cultural support reasons. Visit Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver, one will find projects serving exclusive clientele types.

此类的建房项目 將 被作为人权豁免的特例。从东海岸到西海岸有很多这样项目。它们专为特定种族的人提供居住以示对其社会和文化的支持。在多仑多,爱得蒙顿,卡尔加里,温泥伯 和温哥华,可见这样的只为某类特定的人提供的住房。

7) How do we manage the operation after the building is built? (

A professional housing manager who has demonstrated his/her community mindedness and sensitivity towards the need of the resident community will be hired to manage the project. The manager will report to the Board of Directors rather than to the owner of the building in a commercial operation.

我们将雇用一专职经理来管理此项目,他 / 她需热心社会并关心居民所需。松柏楼的管理和一般的房产质量管理有所不同 。房产经理向 義務 董事会负责,而不是 服務 私人房主。

8) Do we have any plan if we do not have enough tenants to support the operation? (

The project will be open to potential clients in the whole province rather than just the City of Saskatoon. Being the first building of its kind in the Province of Saskatchewan, we do not anticipate a vacancy problem. Juniper Housing Corporation is a private Non-profit company and we are not subject to the rules of Saskatoon Housing Authority.

作为沙省得第一个此类建筑,本项目将会对全省的顾客开放。松柏楼是非盈利的机构,我们不会受沙城住房管理委员会条例的限制 . 因為租金低 , 出租率 將不成问題 。

9) What is our goal for this fundraising? (
松柏楼 募捐 的目标是多少?)

We have a target goal of $400,000.

我们的目标是 400,000 加 元。

10) Will there be any official tax receipts for tax purposes? (

Until we obtain our own registration with Canada Revenue Agency, a tax deductible receipt may be issued by Community First on Juniper Housing Corporation’s behalf. Write your donation cheque  to Community First/Juniper Housing if you need a tax deductible receipt.

在我们获得加拿大税务局的登记号之前,此类发票可由“ Community First ” 代松柏楼提供。如你需要此类发票,请将你支票的收款人写为“ Community First / Juniper Housing Corporation ” 。

11) How do we recognize the donors including those under $500? (我们如何能褒扬那些捐助者,包括那些捐款在五百元以下的捐助者?)

The names of all donors will be entered into a register kept in the office. For those who contribute more than $500, their names will be displayed on the Wall of Recognition in the Building.

所有的捐助者的名字将会列入在松柏楼内展示的名册内。捐款在五百元以上的捐助者的名字将会展示在松柏楼的 赞誉 墙上。

12) What is the difference between the Juniper Housing and Riverdale House? (
松柏楼与 Riverdale公寓的不同是什么)

Juniper Housing is operated by community-owned a private non-profit charitable corporation whereas Riversdale House is a public housing project managed by Saskatoon Housing Authority.

松柏楼属于非盈利的私人慈善机构,而 Riverdale公寓是由沙城政府住房管理委员会管理的公共房屋。

13) Do we have any examples how to run this kind of operation? (我们有没有其它类似机构运行的例子?)

There are many examples of similar projects now operating in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto.

在多伦多,埃得蒙顿,卡尔加里,温泥伯和温哥华,有很多类似的 房屋 项目正在运行。

14) If the project will not go, how do we handle the donations and fundraising profits from different events? (如果这个项目不能进行,我们如何处理从捐款以及从各种集资活动中所或得的利润? )

All the municipal development requirements have been met. The construction contract has been awarded to North Ridge Development. Excavation and construction will commence in May 2007.


15) Who has the land titles after project is done? (
工程结束后 , 谁拥有本项目的所有权?)

Juniper Housing Corporation has already obtained titles of the 6 residential lots required for the project.


16) Do we have any problem with the zoning issue? (我们有没有任何城市规划有关问题?)

Re-zoning approval was given in January 2007.

此地产肯定要重新规划。市政府计划建设部已批准,市府议会在 2007年 1 月 已 正式批准。

17) How does Juniper purchase more land? (
松柏楼如何能购买到 需要的額外 土地呢?)

We entered into an agreement with the Vendor to purchase the additional parcel of land required by the project. The sale was closed on March 31, 2007.

我们已与卖主达成协议,购买到了项目所需用的额外土地。 2007 年3 月成交 . 。

18) Do the Board Directors receive a salary? (

All Board Directors serve as volunteers and do not receive a salary.


19) Why is that Juniper Housing Corporation not seeking wider community representation from existing organization?
为什么松柏楼公司没有从现有的 社团 机构中寻求广泛的社团代表?)

Juniper Housing Corporation is established for the sole purpose of development and operation of affordable housing for our community. The housing organization must be championed by specific individuals who are not only community minded and well connected but also experienced in or aware of housing and construction industry. Existing community organizations have self interest in pursuing their own goals and objectives which may not be consistent with those of Juniper Housing Corporation.

松柏楼公司的目的只是为我们的社 区 建立和管理廉价住房。公司必须由一些热心社会、联系广泛,并有社团住房经验或关心社团住房的特定的人组成。而现存的社团组织有各自利益和目标。这些目标可能与松柏楼的目标不吻合。

If you have any questions, please contact

如有其它問題﹐請與 聯係。