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Juniper Housing Corporation
Common Area Rental Policy
Dated April 20, 2011

1 Introduction

The Juniper Housing complex (Juniper) contains a number of common areas that is available for public use. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to the Board and users regarding the best use of the common areas and cost recovery.

Common Areas

Common areas for the purpose of this policy are:

  • Main Floor – Library, Kitchen/eating area
  • Lower Floor/basement – Large meeting/activity room and offices

2 Rental Policy Objective

The Juniper housing project was developed using partial government funding and donation by the Chinese Community. It is a non profit charitable organization. Therefore common space should be made available to cultural and community groups. Juniper Housing should also encourage organizations who supported the development of Juniper to use the Juniper facility as long as the use is compatible with the common areas. Activities may include but not limited to:

  • Community meetings
  • Cultural activities
  • Active and passive recreation activities
  • Social functions
  • Educational
  • Any other functions that is approved in advance by the Board of Director

Juniper will not allow political or religious preaching (verbal or printed material) in the building.
To minimize conflict with tenants, Juniper should not rent out or allow group activities in the kitchen area only for special occasion during X’MAS & New Year.

3 Rental Arrangement

Community groups or organizations should make application to Juniper to reserve common areas and for permission to use the common area. In general, the community group shall be responsible for:

  • Signing of the rental agreement
  • Obtaining the appropriate keys for the entrance door and common area. Lock up and return the keys to the manager of Juniper
  • Setting up a sign for the event
  • Facility set up and take down
  • The organization will be responsible for cleaning up
  • Specific arrangement can be made depending on the needs of organization or each function.

4 Cost Recovery

Groups renting or using the common area shall reimburse Juniper to assist in it’s operation and maintenance costs. The cost is up to the final discretion of the Board but in general, the following shall apply:

  • Kitchen/eating area and library rental rate $50.
  • Lower floor activity room including food prep area rental rate $50.
  • Lower floor A or B committee room rental rate $ 25.

At the discretion of the Juniper Board, community organizations that are just hosting meetings or activities involving tenants, there will be no cost.

5 General Clean-Up and Security

To cleaning after each function by the rental organization, Juniper will check and inspect within 24 hours to ensure any damage and trace back to the rental organization.

A security system should be in place to monitor foot traffic. A large activity poster board containing calendar of events or poster of the activity should be posted so residents know what is going on.

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